Purchasing stuff on our website is so easy . You don’t have to make signup or something else lengthy process cause we are not using Cart Method . 

We are using shoppy platform for tracking orders So we can deliver the product at exact timing . You only have to enter your email address while making the purchase . You can also use Online chat option to make orders .

Here are the Simple Steps 

1 . Click on any product which u looking to make purchase


2.    Read all the information about the product . You can contact us if u want to know more information .


3. Once you will click on  ” Buy Now ” . Website will be redirect to Shoppy store .


4.   Click on Purchase Button


5.  Enter your email address where u want to receive product info .


6.  We accept paypal and Bitcoin as payment method . So you can use anyone of them 


7.  Logging your paypal and complete the payment and Once your payment got complete you will receive product info to your given email address .